AI for renewable energies | Experience Feedback

AI for renewable energies | Experience Feedback

Author : Thibault PERIER (Data Scientist at Astrakhan) - Published date : November 19, 2021

ai for renewable energy


In the context of a Data Science/Artificial Intelligence mission, Astrakhan accompanies a client on projects related to renewable energy. To date, our work involves solar energy projects with photovoltaic technology and purely technical projects at the client’s premises (statistics, computer development).


● Automated and daily calculation of metrics on a photovoltaic site, such as the average temperature of the sensors

● Creation of a module to detect outliers in solar data 

● Modeling of the power generated by a solar panel according to weather data 

● Detection of anomalies in the time series of real data, due for example to a sensor 

● Creation of graphs giving a clear visualization of the information resulting from the analyses carried out 

● Technical study of a Python library facilitating the creation of data analysis pipelines 

● Study of statistical methods for sensitivity analysis of systems

● Automated selection of buildings on satellite photos in order to classify them according to the type of roofing