Integration platforms

Astrakhan has designed, implemented and deployed world class Integration Platforms for several of his worldwide operating customers. These platforms are designed at the state-of-the art and cover most of the domains needed to ease their adoption internally and externally.


Astrakhan helps you gathering the requirements of the target platform, designs the General and Detailed solution architecture and works with your Infra & Cloud partners to refine the low-level design and deploy it on all required environments. We build the pipelines to automate the management of your interfaces and APIs throughout their lifecycle.

Operating Model

Astrakhan helps you defining all the processes to manage and govern your integration platform and the main assets it utilizes (applications, data objects, interfaces, API, API contracts…) by linking your EA repository to the middleware.
All collaborative processes are assessed, refined and optimized to consider the characteristics of your own platform.

Change Management

Astrakhan manages the training, coaching and support phases necessary to your business and IT teams to integrate the Integration Platforms into their own operational processes in the making of new interfaces / APIs and in the related impact analysis and reuse studies.

Reference Architecture

This reference architecture has been implemented for one of our main clients in Asia Pacific. It shows our domains of expertise:

Resource portal

Collaboration and empowerment are key in the operating models that we want to build today, especially with the rise of APIs. The resource portal empowers the business users and application developers in the self-service of corporate resources. In this portal, resources are organized by business domains. Users are enabled to parse these resources and understand how to use them in their context.

Monitoring console

Directly connected to the Integration Platform, a set of dashboards gives a status on the consumption of API and performance of the interfaces for each business domains. The dashboard also tracks and traces the data in motion within the interfaces to ensure that the history and status of each transaction can be retrieved.

Operating model

Based on its experience with dozens of Integration Platform users, Astrakhan helps you defining and refining the operational processes that you need to deploy and implement in order to have a successful adoption. Pre-project phases, project lifecycle, support and operations, as well as integration assets management processes, are part of this portfolio.

An impact study and reuse assessment can be done for each starting project having integration requirements. For each project, that study determines which interfaces / data can be reused and the impacts on the existing ones.
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