New Agile, Innovation & Ways of Working

Agile has been hacked since its very beginning. The growing demand from large corporations to transform with the help of agile coaches has pushed toward a lower impact. Agile practitioners have replaced agile makers.

Our ambition at Astrakhan is to help corporations succeeding in agile methods, with the right level of skills and mindset. NEW AGILE is our commitment in order to deliver a renewed and modern value proposition that thrives innovation through new ways of working.
An agile enterprise makes rapid responses to unexpected changes. Change can be daunting when people first need private-professional balance and a modern workplace where it feels great to work. Agile reveals talents and helps talents do a better job.



Building the foundations of the new innovative multi-channel information system for retail banks



Construction and Management of Crédit Agricole’s first internal coaching center (15 coaches and 2 method experts)



Support for projects to the agile at scale transition based on SAFe



Contextualized preparation (interviews with project leaders), agility from a methodological, cultural and behavioral point of view



Management 3.0

trainings for SFR, iCDC, Air France, AON, and Grenoble Business School, etc.


INSIGHTS #NewWaysOfWorking

Astrakhan wants to take a definitive position on the training market and to change the work culture

Design Thinking and Visual Management

Design sprint, Prototyping, Impact Mapping, Kanban, Obeya, etc.



Management 3.0 (agile transformation plan development seminar), innovation workshops (Internal Crowdfunding) for top management, etc.



Agile coaching and implementation and coordination of programs in SAFe mode adapted to the client context.
Lean Change Management
Creation of a data-driven culture as part of the digitalization of R&I labs.

Exclusive assets to ensure the quality

UpRooM, a collaborative solution in mixed reality developed by Astrakhan

UpRooM offers a semi-virtual work environment allowing remote collaboration in the cases of meetings, workshops and innovation management. The objective of this technology is to remove the obstacles related to remote work for virtual teams, but also to increase the collaborative experience and sense of commitment of team members. Visual Management is at the center of usability of this solution.

Serious Games Packages & Artistic Direction

Astrakhan capitalizes on previous experiences through lessons learnt from previous assignments. This has allowed to build a package of serious games and other facilitation tools that are regularly updated and improved to ensure the high quality of our interventions when facing our clients. Moreover, Astrakhan has within its team an artistic direction that contributes when faced with a more demanding assignment in terms of quality of design, visual management or graphic identity.

Publications: articles and white papers

Astrakhan regularly publishes different types of writings on the topics related to its client problematics. The latest one: Lean Change Management, suggested and deployed in the framework of digital transformation program at L’Oréal. This methodology gathers all the knowledge and know-how developed by Astrakhan in a coherent and high level proposition of value: Agility, Change, Innovation, Experimentation, Continuous Improvement, Visual Management, Training, Serious Games, Communication, Graphic Identity, etc.

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François Rivard
Director of Astrakhan Hong-Kong
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