Air France

Management 3.0 for Air France


In March 2016, AirFrance launched an extensive modernization program, with the aim of making the company faster, more agile, simpler, customer-focused and even more pleasant to work in. This program includes a modernization of approaches, work methods and managerial practices, in an increasingly complex, uncertain and digitalized world.

Our achievements

  • Design of the training module based on the following principles: Individual interactions, Collective dynamics, Change management.
  • International support
  • Review of the Management 3.0 Corpus with a focus on numerous collaborative workshops.

Client Benefits

  • Understanding of the issues related to the new managerial frameworks, in order to determine the necessary support for the implementation of such practices within the teams (middle management).
  • Development and adaptation of their agile leadership posture.
  • Mastery of the principles of agile team management.

Our added value

  • Training provided by 2 certified Management 3.0 facilitators
  • Customization of the modules according to the specific needs of Air France managers
  • Certificate training in Management 3.0