Enterprise architecture

Architecture builds sustainable foundations for complex organizations, at the crossroads of information and technology. Astrakhan helps the largest companies in the world to build and deliver their architecture practice.

We operate at many levels: strategy, roadmap, organization, processes, governance, technology, innovation. We cover the main layers: enterprise architecture, solution architecture and technical architecture. We are specialized in all the following activities and have significant references for all of them.

• Setup of all expertise domains related to architecture (Security, Master Data, Analytics, Integration…) and their contributions to domain architecture and projects.

• Inventory of as-is and design of to-be processes related to each discipline with the exception and derogation cases.

• Benchmarks an Enterprise Architecture platform and advisory in the selection of a market platform.

• Definition of repositories, guidelines, standards, norms, frameworks, operating models and governance for each of the architecture value propositions: Enterprise Architecture: use cases, metamodel, ownership on artefacts management, tooling and platform,

• Solution Architecture: models of representation, tooling and platform,Technology Architecture : catalog of recommended/mandatory core/side technologies and products for all cases.

• Design, documentation and management of a TOGAF-based framework, with level of priorities.

• Governance between projects and architecture: profile of the architecture bureau, design support sessions, design authority, inputs for projects, project takeaways to corporate architecture repositories.

• Definition of processes to combine architecture, technology and innova tion and periodically review and update the Architecture and Technology Portfolios.

• Sourcing: definition of job description with profiles, sizing, sourcing strategy (internal / external), recruitment strategy.

• Communication and change: architecture charter, trainings sessions for new joiners,

• Design of an Architecture dashboard and definition of KPIs related to the practice of architecture (static and dynamic).

Enterprise Architecture, as a reference model for the Information System.

It helps building solutions portfolio and ensures the design, build and deployment of the Information System. EA is built in layers and objects that reflect the business domains.
Enterprise Architecture relies on the links between layers and objects to facilitate impact analysis for all evolutions of the information system: business, functional, applicative, technologic.
We are partners of two of the main EA vendors in the market, providing flexible platforms with strong collaborative features: Ardoq and BizzDesign.

As the complementarity with our other fields of expertise, we have also developed specific frameworks with dedicated metamodels to instantiate and manage the following use cases:

• Management and governance of middleware platform and interfaces,

• API Portfolio Management.

We have also built interfaces and integration between EA repositories and ITSM platforms such as ServiceNow.

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Director of Astrakhan Hong-Kong
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