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Process Automation Project and Digital Transition Program for Agipi


Agipi, a subsidiary of Axa, wants to improve the efficiency of its agents by offering them innovative tools. These tools must allow them to provide relevant indicators and to dematerialize the processing chain. Astrakhan supports Agipi’s Information Systems Department in the implementation of agile practices as part of its business redesign program based on the adoption of a process approach.

On the other hand, Agipi has an operational IS that perfectly meets the needs of internal users. However, its architecture does not facilitate its evolution if it needs to maintain its presence with its customers and distribution network. How can the IS evolve while capitalizing on existing assets?


• Raise awareness among business and IT managers about the challenges and benefits of agility,

• Train business and IT teams in agile practices (2-day session for 25 people)

• Support the implementation of the first projects by coaching the business and IT teams, by setting up adapted tools (JIRA Agile), by practicing innovation games with the business teams,

• Support the implementation of a software package (TIBCO) by managing the relationship with the editor’s expert consultants,

• Support the change of approach towards a process orientation via specific coaching and innovative animation techniques

Our achievements

In process automation:
• Agile group training with hands-on activities (innovation games),

• Coaching of development teams: prioritization by value, Scrum operation, visual management,

• Change Management project conducted in agile mode, with both business operators and the IT department.

At the IS level:

• Separate the production IS from the distribution IS

• Empower the distribution IS to implement a digital strategy

• Automate business processes between distribution and production

• Organize business information in a repository area

• Have a real time visibility on the activity

Client Benefits

In process automation:

• After an adaptation phase, the team works with 2-week iterations,

• A first version of the product is put into production after 6 months, then new functionalities are delivered regularly every 2-3 months.

At the IS level:

• Implementation of a 3-year information system strategy.

• Strengthening of the architecture discipline within the IT department

• Shareable enterprise platform with a 5-year ROI: Tibco

Our added value

In process automation:

• Coaches with experience in Agile methodology, process approach and IT transformation projects,

• A change management system in addition to the project,

• Regular coaching with milestones.

At the IS level:

• Product Vision Box: A tool for animating the master plan in the form of innovation games to quickly collect and structure the content

• Expertise in building functional and technical foundations

• Good knowledge of mediation systems which allows to bridge the gap between the production system and the distribution system