Public sector


IS audit for Sicasov



Sicasov, a cooperative managing intellectual property rights held by plant variety developers, asked Astrakhan to conduct an audit of its information system as part of its redesign.

Our achievements

• Analysis of the need and the existing system
• Business process analysis
• Planning of workshops and individual interviews
• Proposal of a roadmap and areas for improvement
• Use of an Enterprise Architecture tool, Ardoq, allowing the use of diagrams based on customer data
• Reporting of the audit, definition of the 2021 trajectory and identification of the projects to be implemented

Client Benefits

• Collaborative construction of the roadmap
• Understanding the difficulties encountered and finding ways to solve them
• Introduction to agile methods
• Improvement of internal communication

Our added value

• Provision of a dedicated team: an enterprise architect and two consultants.
• Connection between the business and IT teams
• Prioritization of actions to be implemented based on the challenges