Astrakhan is ready for Forward Virtual

Astrakhan is ready for Forward Virtual

Published date : November 16, 2020

Forward Virtual

What is Forward Virtual?

Forward Virtual is an online event taking place on November 19th and 20th. It is designed to offer an interactive and content-rich event experience.

Nowadays, even more than before, teams need to communicate remotely and work with an “agile” mindset. Forward Virtual responds to this demand and recreates the means of collaboration usually used in physical events in a virtual way. At this event, be inspired by keynotes and participate in small group sessions. Also note that open-space sessions and game workshops will also be there to help you create your learning path.

Why is Astrakhan attending and becoming a Forward Virtual sponsor?

We, the Astrakhaners :

Support the transformation of organizations by applying the Lean Change Management method, an agile version of change management,

Democratize the management of ideas by deploying Minimum Sustainable Innovation Systems within 90 days by applying the principles of Gamification, Visual Management, Lean Start-Up, Design-Thinking, etc.

Have been part of the Management 3.0 community since 2014 and have produced training modules for this community that are played all year round by facilitators from around the world,

Train managers and employees in the challenges and techniques of agility, innovation and new management methods,

Are involved in projects of all sizes in PMO, project management assistance, or we can embody the agile roles of Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Coach.

With Forward, we remain committed to a movement that creates and redefines the future of management and leadership. The pandemic must not interrupt learning, innovation and connectivity. In times of crisis, we must continue to work on:

● The transformation of organizations and related approaches,

● Learning and development, especially remotely,

● Modes of collaboration.

Forward Virtual meets the above criteria; it is a program that shares Astrakhan’s values.

What kind of experience is Astrakhan planning to offer you at Forward Virtual?

François Rivard, CEO and founder of Astrakhan, is guest speaker at this event. We will address the theme of growth by giving you some advice. At the heart of a rapidly changing economic landscape, agile development requires mastering adequate tools.

During this session, we will present the Business Quilt approach, proposed by Jurgen Appelo in his book Start Up Scale Up Screw Up, and how to apply it in business. A workshop will be offered to the participants to explain how to develop their business according to its state of maturity.

Join us!