Content Curation | Using VR To Step Inside Your Data: VR Or AR-Enabled Analytics

Content Curation | Using VR To Step Inside Your Data: VR Or AR-Enabled Analytics

Published date : April 14, 2022

using VR to step inside your data: VR or AR-enabled analytics

This article is about the benefits of data visualization with AR/VR. The author explains that 2D is not enough to thoroughly analyze the amounts of data we collect nowadays. Certain analyses are impossible with 2D charts, for example we wouldn’t be able to notice data clusters at the intersection of several dimensions without 3D. With AR/VR, teams can view all important data at once and easily interact with it. This technology is also better adapted to the human brain, which processes information faster in 3D.

The fact that AR/VR could make data analysis more fun is a major argument in this article because companies need to get more employees involved in this process as they rely more and more on data-driven decisions to remain competitive. Involving more people in monitoring neural networks and machine learning models is also a good way to make sure that the machine’s decisions are fair and ethical.

Knowing that data is a vital resource and a core element within organisations, it became obvious that a growing data may result in more complex visualisations and work environment. In this manner, we have developed our XR solution to optimize how you could display large amounts of information within the same room, and benefit from high interactive features.

UpRooM offers custom development that integrates data visualization upon request.