Management 3.0 : Learn how to make better meetings with Astrakhan

Management 3.0 : Learn how to make better meetings with Astrakhan

Author : Ievgeniia Zinchenko (Consultante en Agilité) chez Astrakhan - Published date : November 6, 2020

The current situation in the world challenges the ways in which we collaborate with each other and the way we organise our work. It gives us a nudge to reinvent the ways we communicate. The importance of improving online communication grows exponentially : whether you work with teams from Paris or Hong Kong, or whether you give an online presentation to your colleagues from Shanghai, you will be challenged on not only to find a suitable time slot for everyone, but also on how to deliver the information to your remote teams in a more efficient way.

Astrakhan is a member of the Management 3.0 community. We have implemented a Better Meetings module available to the global community of facilitators. This module presents 9 tips about how to organize better meetings as, for us, knowing how to design memorable meetings and how to run them in a more efficient way is a very powerful tool to keep your team engaged and maintain transparency.

Amongst the questions we try to answer in this module are: why shorter meetings are more productive than longer ones? Why kitchens are better than conference rooms? How to energize your meetings? Is it important to break the ice during the meeting? Furthermore, as remote work starts to be the new normal, we want to include the specifics of collaboration with remote teams as well. But is there any difference between running a meeting online and offline?

We are covering all these topics in our updated module that will be soon available on the Management 3.0 platform. We are looking forward to share the updates with you! Stay tuned!

“Effective meetings don’t happen by accident, they happen by design.” 

Catherine Mattiske, Making Meetings Work, 2010