UpRooM by Astrakhan, at the international ICT Expo

UpRooM by Astrakhan, at the international ICT Expo

Author : Aurélie Piraud - Published date : April 12, 2019

Under the theme Smart City – Smart Living, the International ICT Expo will be held in Hong Kong from April 13th to 16th, presenting solutions ranging from Smart Economy to Smart Environment, through Smart Government, Smart Living, Smart Mobility and Smart People. This exhibition, showing the latest developments in information and communication technologies, brings together more than 30,000 visitors each year.

More than 30 French companies – multinationals, SMEs and tech start-ups – have come together to form the “So French So Innovative Pavilion”, including BNP, Schneider Electric, STMicroelectronics, Natixis and more. We will present our UpRoom product in this Pavilion. Our solution, founded in 2018, harnesses the collective potential of project team members, enabling them to work together in real time, from anywhere, to express their creativity and use their collective intelligence. It transforms the way teams work.

UpRooM is a Collaborative Computing solution for multi-site organizations that needs to improve their practice of People, Project Management and Innovation Management. It creates a virtual work environment where remotely working people can manipulate the same virtual items as if they were working in the same room, with a Collaborative Computing experience that improves everyone’s commitment at work. This end-to-end Project Management solution breaks the barriers of remote working. It can also be used to train people on Project Management and simply renew the management experience between managers and their teams.

We will be present these four days on the ICT Expo to pitch out project but also to discover new innovative companies from around the world. We will soon give you more information about the exhibition from the inside.