UpRooM selected by Cyberport Incubation program

UpRooM selected by Cyberport Incubation program

Author : Elisa BASTIEN (Digital Communications Officer at Astrakhan) - Published date : October 14, 2021

After 6 years of research and development, UpRooM has been selected by the Cyberport Incubation program in Hong Kong for the next three years.

Cyberport will host UpRooM at the Pok Fu Lam campus near Microsoft. UpRooM will be part of the Smart Living cluster and the solution will be presented at the incubator’s showcase.

The Cyberport Incubation Program marks a new step in UpRooM’s progress, after joining the HK eXtended Reality Association and before a new participation in Rise 2022.

The UpRooM solution in a nutshell

UpRooM is an extended reality-based solution for companies that aims to improve collective intelligence and decision-making processes. UpRooM creates a virtual work environment where remote employees, equipped with the Microsoft Hololens virtual reality headset, can manipulate virtual objects as if they were in the same room. With the help of Microsoft Kinect, the employee using Hololens will be able to visualize avatars representing his colleagues, which will make meetings more lively. 

UpRooM meeting

How does UpRooM work?

UpRooM features

UpRooM allows project managers to generate project status reports in the form of boards and to hang them virtually in a physical room. This way, everyone can see the project progress.

UpRooM also provides serious games to help all the team members to stay focused during the meetings. At any time, when a project team member has an idea, he can write it on a virtual post-it note using his smartphone. The post-it note will then be saved using blockchain technology, which will certify its author. At the end of a meeting, the entire virtual room layout can be saved and then deployed in another physical room. Thanks to UpRooM, a single physical room can be used for an infinite number of projects.

how to write a post-it note in UpRooM

Finally, if the members of a project team are used to working with agile project management tools such as Jira or Trello, it is also possible to combine these solutions with UpRooM.

Enter the future of collaboration

At Astrakhan, we are convinced that Mixed Reality is the future of collaboration. Thus, thanks to the Cyberport incubation program, we will be able to develop new features and make UpRooM available on other less expensive virtual reality headsets so that our solution becomes more accessible.

Our first customer is a French luxury brand with an international reputation. If you also want to discover the whole UpRooM features in practice and improve the collective intelligence of your team, do not hesitate to contact us for a demo.

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