What tools can be used to make recruitment more agile when remote working?

What tools can be used to make recruitment more agile when remote working?

Author : Julian KERMARREC (Consultant in Agility & Managerial Innovation at Astrakhan) - Published date : November 2, 2021

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the digital transformation and tools from Lean Management have emerged. In this article, ASTRAKHAN presents how we adapted a tool for recruitment and how we grouped all our tasks with it.

There are 3 main levers to transform a company in order to make it more “agile” and therefore more efficient :

“Cultural” transformation: Values

“Operational” transformation: Processes

“Technical” transformation: Tools

“Killing two birds with one stone”

There is a simple tool to make your organization more efficient. This tool can also initiate a change in the processes. It is called Kanban.


Originating from the Japanese automotive industry, the methodology was created in 1950 to optimize its production capacity in order to be competitive with American companies.

Kanban means “label” in Japanese. The Kanban method is based on a system of cards or labels, called Kanban, which correspond to a task. This order triggers the production line. These cards continuously indicate the tasks to be done, when to do them, and the tasks already done (the available stock for example).

tableau Kanban

Kanban is therefore both the medium (the tool) and the vehicle for information (the process) exchanged between two workstations. This information is transmitted both by the information written on the kanban, but also by the circulation of kanbans between workstations.

It will allow a better collaboration, a better communication in real time, as well as a good circulation of information concerning the tasks to be carried out.

3 steps to set up your kanban board:

1. Start where you are: Start by putting all your tasks on Post-it notes and stick them on the wall before making your board.

2. Be prepared for change: Your kanban board will inevitably improve and change because this exercise is based on empiricism, i.e. based on experience. Your Kanban will adapt to you according to your pace, your situation and your tasks.

3. Define your rules: You will have to prioritize your tasks and limit the quantity of tasks in the different steps.

How to use a kanban board remotely?

There are many digital collaborative tools inspired by Kanban (Trello®, Jira®, Monday.com®, etc.).

On our side, we have decided to use the Microsoft Planner in Teams. Below, you will find the board we use to recruit our Dream Team.

tableau de recrutement kanban de la dream team

Here is a sample of some possible actions:

Move a candidate:

Assign the candidate to someone in the company:

Add comments to the candidate’s file

End of recruitment process:

“Do not wait to be perfect to start something good.”

Abbé Pierre

To conclude, if you are not yet using a similar tool for your recruitment management I invite you to start. The board will allow for better visibility and communication.

You are free to use the tool that corresponds to your organization, but you should start with what already exists and determine your rules from the beginning (knowing that you can make them evolve in a collegial manner).

You can already be sure that your tool or your organization will change in a positive way towards autonomy and self-organization. All you have to do is practice! Have Fun! 


In addition, we are always looking for profiles to strengthen our teams such as:

A Senior Cloud and DevOps Architect – M/F

A senior Mulesoft and/or Apigee API Management Integrator

A Senior Mulesoft and/or Apigee API Management Integrator or API architect – H/F