Integration of an API Management solution for ArcelorMittal


The arrival of new technologies to facilitate the integration of new processes is leading ArcelorMittal to have on-demand services to better meet business objectives. These services initially involve the management of their industrial parks, particularly procurement from their suppliers, budgeting and product sales in the European region (France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland), HR management as well as several other support functions in ArcelorMittal’s industrial activities.

This industrial giant called on Astrakhan because of its need to increase its maturity in terms of service-oriented architecture in order to have a strong coherence of internal applications and a low coupling with external services.

Our achievements

● The installation in OVA-VMware, relatively easier to set up than a Kubernetes installation, with the assurance of a good level of service and a shorter time-to-market.

● The implementation of multiple environments, with volumetrics ensuring service availability for each purpose.

● The exposure of services on the latter, and the choice of OAuth 2 and OIDC communication repositories by matching with the group’s recommendations and best practices.

● The implementation of a DevOps approach to leverage the platform’s features for the monitoring of the API Manager components.

● The configuration of the various components of the solution on the hosting servers.

● The creation of an integration architecture for the platform, facilitating its implementation on the IS infrastructure of ArcelorMittal

Client Benefits

● Decision making based on API usage analytics data

● Centralized management of services exposed or provided by different applications within the IS.

● Granular access control ensuring security down to the API level. Every API, integration and asset is protected with enhanced governance and security at the platform level. Organizations that adopt IBM and its API Connect API management solution can expect improved integration security.

● Complete API lifecycle management reducing the need for future investments, providing organizations with the ability to have a unified platform for end-to-end management of each API and integration.

● Increased team capabilities and efficiency, enabling innovation and any new integration with very fast time-to-market.

Our added value

● Implementation of full support for internal integrators to take control of the API Management platform

● Creation of an API Team, coordinated with the Ops and business teams for optimal management of developments and services exposed on the platform.

● Strong proactivity on blocking subjects, thanks to our partnership with IBM