Financial Services


Retail Mobile Wallet


As part of a large-scale experimentation program, our client in the banking sector wished to test the implementation of an integrated services platform (in the banking sector but also in retail and other sectors) with various innovative technologies. The objective is to test new business models.

Our achievements

• Definition of the hypotheses to be verified for each scope (Data, Analytics, API Management, CEP, Device, Virtual Assistant)
• Demonstration of the hypotheses with the implementation of an end-to-end scenario on the service platform
• Management of the project teams and the program using agile methodologies
• Drafting of a corpus of documents on the CEP and API aspects and the overall architecture of the program

Client Benefits

• Hypothesis and concept testing (RDF modeling, etc.)
• Ability to check the interactions between different innovative software in real life
• Gain new skills in agile methodologies
• Have a prototype of the integrated services platform that works in the cloud

Our added value

• Expertise on Tibco solutions (BE, BW, Spotfire)
• Knowledge of the leading solutions on the API Management market
• Expertise on architectures and exchanges between complex systems – IS and IoT (volume, security, identification, storage, data correlation, etc.)