Framing of the solution architecture for the evolution of the French National Health Insurance Fund's Information System.

Assurance Maladie


Astrakhan was chosen by the French National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM) to collaborate with the Architecture department and especially the Solution Architecture team to support the project teams during the scoping phase of transformation projects and implementation of application components.
This work was carried out in collaboration with teams spread over several sites in France.

Our achievements

• Support for project teams, especially project managers, application architects, digital architects, technical architects, designers and developers, and project management assistance during the scoping phase
• Implementation of the enterprise architecture approach recommended by our client using MEGA and contribution to the client’s enterprise architecture repository
• Writing of scoping documents and architecture files, in accordance with our client’s methodology
• Modeling of the application components involved in projects with MEGA according to the meta-model chosen by CNAM
• Interaction with our client’s technical architecture teams to validate the initial design of the technical architecture
• Presentation of the scoping and architecture files to the weekly architecture committee for validation
• Support of project teams during the design and development of application components
• Intervention in various business and technical domains: new National Health Data System, portals and mobile applications for the insured and medical teams, marketing and information campaigns, data security (pseudonymization and anonymization), access security (strong authentication), process security (traceability), new technical foundations (Big Data, Digital Web, application supervision)

Client Benefits

Our contribution was part of the enterprise architecture approach advocated by the CNAM Architecture Department:
• Visibility of the application portfolio and the information system trajectory shared with all stakeholders within the CNAM IT Department
• Improved control of the implementation of application components thanks to increased collaboration around the enterprise repository managed by the CNAM Architecture Department
• Facilitation of the introduction of new technological foundations reinforcing the security, traceability and scalability of the CNAM information system
• Facilitation of communication with the project teams prior to implementation thanks to a co-construction of the solution

Our added value

• Astrakhan shared its expertise in Enterprise Architecture with the CNAM’s Architecture Department and allowed it to benefit from its experience in this field
• Astrakhan, with an expertise that is external to the CNAM organization, mediated between the CNAM Architecture Department and the CNAM project teams, and more generally between all stakeholders, including third parties, other partners and suppliers
• Astrakhan, with its strong background in organization and information system management, was able to make suggestions to the managers of the Architecture Department to improve the fluidity and agility of the processes provided by this entity