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Compagnie des Alpes


Compagnie des Alpes (CDA) is a leading European leisure group, which operates the largest ski areas in the French Alps as well as leisure parks with a strong identity in Europe. After two years of severe disruption due to the international health crisis, CDA decided to focus on three strategic pillars: attractiveness, profitability and customer satisfaction. The group’s activities are already largely based on digital resources, but the ambition of the 2022-2025 information system master plan was to qualify the projects that will best support the strategic ambitions, while leaving room for business innovation through digital.

Our achievements

Astrakhan worked with CDA for 18 months to set up a complete mapping of the various business activities and the information system assets supporting these business activities. For this purpose, Astrakhan proposed a custom meta-model, and provided the required tools.
The precise vision of the existing system allowed a precise analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the information system, according to complementary business and technical angles.
Astrakhan then facilitated the target definition of the group’s future projects, by cross-referencing innovative business use cases and the digital innovation that would make them possible.
Finally, Astrakhan facilitated the prioritization of the projects of the next information system master plan, and provided a precise assessment (expected benefits, CAPEX & OPEX, capacity to be mobilized) for the selected projects.

Client Benefits

• Capitalization and connection of business, functional, logical and technical visions in a single visual and collaborative tool (Ardoq)
• Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing system according to business and technical perspectives
• Definition of innovative business targets based on new digital accelerators for the group
• Selection and prioritization of projects for the next 3 years

Our added value

• Enterprise architects committed to providing an up-to-date and useful holistic vision of the business and the information system
• Permanent adaptation of the project timeline to the availability of the CDA partners
• Acculturation to digital accelerators and their facilitation potential for advanced or even differentiating business use cases
• Constant integration of business and IT stakeholders to co-construct a relevant existing system and target
• Anticipation of risks on the projects concerned