Digitalization of industrial production activities



Fives Cryo asked Astrakhan to help it frame the digitalization of some of its industrial production activities (assembly part).

Our achievements

  • Framing of the key success factors of the digitalization of the targeted process, with all the stakeholders
  • Collective analysis of the existing process
  • Creation of a business object model of the entire scope of the targeted process
  • Identification of the macro life cycle of each business object in the information system, and of the actions to be implemented as a target
  • Subdivision of the target actions into coherent batches
  • Functional awareness of the MES and scheduling modules
  • Detailed costing of all the batches, with efforts planned per internal or external profile
  • Qualification of the dependencies between the batches, and of the most relevant scenarios
  • Capacity analysis and planning of the associated target
  • Framing of the key elements for measuring the current and future performance of the process
  • Anticipation of change management (draft change management plan by target population)

Client Benefits

Following this framing, the client was able to start the digital transformation of the target scope in the best conditions: clear ambitions, breakdown of complexity, identification of expectations and workload by role for thorough capacity management (all the resources concerned also have an active role in production to secure), consensual and realistic target, optimized budget, anticipated change management.

Our added value

  • A proven and participative method, allowing business and technical stakeholders to be involved in a better understanding of their business activities and their progressive implementation in a simplified digital context
  • A functional, technical, financial and capacity framework to avoid any major risk on the project
  • Anticipated change management from the outset, for progressive implementation throughout the project