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Design, build, deployment, and maintenance of applications on the AWS Cloud for GRTgaz


GRTgaz asked Astrakhan to assist the Digital Factory teams concerning the design, build, deployment, and operational maintenance of applications on the AWS Cloud.

Our achievements

● Supporting the Digital Factory teams concerning the design, build, and deployment of applications on the AWS Cloud

● Operational maintenance of the deployed AWS infrastructures.

● Writing architecture documents describing the applications and infrastructures deployed.

● Conducting prospective studies for the adoption of new Cloud Native-oriented solutions.

● Support for the containerization of existing applications to be able to benefit from the advantages related to this type of deployment.

● Contribution to the development and implementation of CI/CD platform architectures on the AWS cloud.

● Contribution to the update and enrichment of the GRTgaz architecture framework.

Client Benefits

Our work is part of an approach to support GRTgaz in its strategy of cloudification of its IS with the ambition to take advantage of the benefits of the Cloud, including:

● Provisioning of resources on-demand, which allows, on the one hand, to reduce the Time to Market and on the other hand to reduce capital expenditure (CAPEX) in favor of more predictable and flexible operating expenses (OPEX);

● Improving application resiliency and reliability by leveraging the Multi-region and Multi-AZ (availability zone) redundancy mechanisms offered by AWS;

● Building inherently elastic Cloud Native applications that can automatically scale to adapt to observed load in real-time;

● Relying as much as possible on managed services, which removes much of the complexity of implementing applications and the underlying technical stacks.

Our added value

● Astrakhan has certified consultants on AWS solutions.

● Astrakhan offers services related to market-leading solutions.

● Astrakhan helped with its extensive experience in DevOps, especially with the Gitlab CI/CD platform.

● Implementation of an IaC (Infrastructure-as-Code) with Terraform in competition with Sceptre for AWS Cloud.