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Design of the new IS of Jurlique


Jurlique is engaged in the renewal of key building blocks of its information system: CRM, PIM, ERP and POS.To manage this transformation, Jurlique has appointed Astrakhan on architecture skills, with Enterprise Architecture skills and middleware Integration experience, in order to contribute in the design of the target Information System.

Our achievements

• Contribution to the selection of the key applicative blocks, including the Middleware, using an Enterprise Architecture approach,
• High-level architecture delivery,
• Benchmark of the candidate selection to manage the interfaces between the key applicative blocks

Client Benefits

• Clear view over the architecture scenarios to build the target architecture and integrate the main applicative blocks, including a roadmap for integration,
• Clear decision making criteria in order to select the best fit between all eligible market solutions for integration.

Our added value

This mission is completely based on Astrakhan’s core knowledge as Enterprise Architecture & Middleware Integration experts. Thanks to our strong background on the field and quick understanding of the client’s stakes, we have been able to build an accelerated assessment and determine which solution was the best fit for Jurlique in less than 3 months, that has smoothened the transition to the new ERP.