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Agile Transition Roadmap and Coaching


Astrakhan provided agile coaching for the FAST project to SFR’s business/IT teams and fixed price partner. At the same time, Astrakhan built the roadmap for SFR’s agile transition focusing on 6 aspects: project lifecycle, respect of roles, processes, program & portfolio management, third party relationship, KPI.

Our achievements

• Definition of the possible paths for agile adoption,

• Implementation of the project repository (stories, test cases, sprint, sprint tracking) shared between the different stakeholders and monitoring of its use,

• Participation in PO+PPO work sessions and update of the project repository in collaboration with the SM,

• Assistance in sprint planning sessions, Scrum Board construction and retrospective sessions and their preparation,

• Participation in monitoring (Daily Scrum) and reporting of the project.

• Certified Management 3.0 training for managers with customized modules according to SFR’s needs.

Client Benefits

• A better and faster project delivery in a context of increased marketing pressure

• Create the right conditions for innovation and continuous improvement in a strengthened relationship between business and IT,

• Accelerate the different phases of projects: upstream (restudy), study, implementation, tests, integration, production launch.

Our added value

• Provide adjustments to SFR’s V-model,

• Capitalize on the agile practices in use,

• Identify areas of evolution and obstacles in a context of geographical distribution of teams on two different sites and the implementation of projects by third parties hired on a fixed price basis,

• Participation in key moments of the project such as design workshops, to improve practices along the way